California, 2005
Dear David,
The best one hundred-five bucks I've spent in quite some time. I've finished reviewing the five-volume set you sent and I am extremely pleased. My girlfriend/partner wants to do "The Bird" so badly she's practically bursting... I'm looking forward to the Chair and Press as well as the Blender (which seems to be a really easy technique that looks just fabulous). We are both extremely pleased with the emphasis on technique you couch in all of your lessons. The information is very illuminating.
It was also encouraging to see the dancers from Ava's team doing the aerial techniques. You, yourself, David, are a Goliath-of-a-man who, predictably, can toss a woman about relatively on a whim...  It was nice to see that an average-sized man can perform super-sized techniques.
The videos are cleanly and intelligently produced and are of extremely good quality. I am thoroughly pleased with this purchase. When will the next series become available?
Frank Long
Long Beach, California
P.S. I also wanted to shout my thanks for getting the videos here so expeditiously.
Japan, 2007
Dear Dave and Zoe
I am Carlos from dance studio Casino.We took your special lesson in Tokyo in March.
I so much enjoyed your lesson through which we learnt very basic of lift technique, how to control your weight, timing etc.  Before taking your lesson, I always tried to use power of my arms only. So lifting partner had been a kind of painful job. I took your lesson and did as what you said like "stand as close as possible", "fix your arms and lift woman only by using your knees"(sorry if my expression is not correct) etc.  Then, surprise!  How light my partner is!!!  Lifting is still difficult but now I am able to enjoy it thanking to you !!!
I purchased your DVD Vol.2 that you recommended and have repeatedly been watching it.
Our team "Casinos" are now working hard for LA congress. Looking forward to seeing you again there.
- Carlos (Tetsuji Itoh)
Testimonials 2005-2010
Here are words from a few who have taken our workshops, seen our shows and ordered our instructional DVDs.  Enjoy!
- Dave & Zoë
Paradizo Dance
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Switzerland 2010
Hi Dave & Zoë!
For me you were _the_ stars at the zurich salsa festival. Your show is so absolutely amazing it still blows my mind. The 2 workshops you gave were fantastic, you are one of the best instructors I know (and I do know many). Though there are excellent instructors out there and excellent performers, the combination of these both talents is very rare indeed, and you are the best living example of this combination.
Thank you very very much for you being there and dancing this stunning show and giving the amazing workshops. I wish you both only the best for the future.